8 Free Customer Journey Mapping Templates and Examples

Vander Wal provides an excellent overview of the most useful and widely available journey mapping templates, evaluating each one based on pros, cons, and ideal use cases. Templates from tools like Miro, Mural, Smaply, and Custellence are explored in depth. 

The article stresses the importance of understanding customer journeys holistically before selecting a template. Vander Wal advises readers to avoid templates that focus too heavily on touchpoints or visual design over insights. Appropriate uses of templates include gaining structure for new mappers, establishing a baseline for iterative mapping, and facilitating workshops.

Readers will learn how to avoid common pitfalls like copying templates without customization. Guidance is provided on when templates are most valuable, such as kickstarting the mapping process or establishing a repeatable framework. 

Overall, this piece serves as an excellent resource for professionals looking to incorporate journey mapping into their customer experience strategy. Vander Wal’s expertise and balanced evaluations of templates equip readers to select the right tools for their unique needs and objectives.