Welcome to Framer Supply, a collection of handy components for your Framer projects! Designed by Benjamin and friends, these interactive and customizable elements can add magic to your sites. Whether you need motion text, colorful gradients, or animated particles, you’re sure to find inspiration.

Curious how to use these components? Simply hover over a card, then click “Copy” to add it to your clipboard. Past it into your Framer canvas and customize away using the right panel. You can morph shapes, loop easing effects, even mask text with images – the possibilities are endless.

Got questions? The designers are always around to help on Discord. The friendly community is full of creatives sharing cool templates and troubleshooting tips. You can also request new components – they’ve made many based on suggestions before.

Finally, if you’re new to Framer, it’s an online builder perfect for creative pros. Publish sites directly from their freeform canvas. Be sure to visit their website to learn more about this special tool. Now get out there and add some magic to your next project!