Iconset is a handy app for organizing all your icon files in one place. Whether you’re a designer or developer or work on a product team, keeping track of icons can be challenging. Iconset helps solve that problem.

You can use Iconset on both Mac and Windows computers. It allows you to arrange icons into sets, packs, and groups easily. Tagging icons makes them searchable, too. Need a specific file? Iconset’s search zips right through even large icon libraries.

Best of all, Iconset plays well with others. You can drag and drop icons directly into your design programs. Iconset also integrates with cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive. That means keeping icon libraries in sync across computers is a breeze. No more duplicate work or conflicting files.

Whether you’re starting fresh or have a huge existing library, Iconset gets icons organized. Other handy features include favorites, quick exports, and exploring free icon packs right in the app. Give it a download and see how Iconset can help keep all your icon files tidy and accessible.