15 design challenges that we need to solve so Web3 hits the mainstream

Vasil Nedelchev, a senior UX designer with experience researching Web3, outlines the top challenges currently facing the design and adoption of decentralized technologies. He divides these issues into those affecting newcomers and those at an industry level. 

For newcomers, the value proposition of Web3 is unclear, and navigating the purchase and storage of cryptocurrencies presents numerous hurdles around exchanges, wallet selection, private keys, and “know your customer” verification. Transaction speeds and conversion to fiat currencies also confuse users. 

At an industry level, privacy concerns limit user research methods. Protocol decisions prioritize technology over usability. Fast development timelines compromise quality. And a lack of data hinders protocol-level design. 

Nedelchev argues the foremost goal must be building trust. Clear communication, delivering value, and follow-through will earn trust over time – key to Web3 reaching a mainstream audience. 

In summarizing the challenges outlined in Vasil Nedelchev’s article, I aimed to convey his perspective as a senior practitioner while maintaining an objective yet engaging tone. Please let me know if you require any clarification or have additional questions.