8 Tips For Developing Motion Design Principles

In this piece, Retta delves into the captivating world of motion design, highlighting its power to breathe life into digital interfaces and elevate brand identities. She taps into the expertise of Misha Sundukovskiy, Video Creative Director at Webflow, and Patrick Szot, Senior Brand Designer at Webflow, to unpack eight invaluable tips for developing a cohesive motion design system.

The article defines motion design as animating non-live action elements, from logos to lower thirds and explainer videos. Retta emphasizes how thoughtful motion design can create smooth, delightful user experiences and convey a brand’s unique personality.

Throughout the piece, Retta weaves in real-world examples and quotes from Webflow experts, providing a practical and insightful roadmap for fellow marketers and creatives looking to harness the power of motion design. Whether you’re a seasoned motion design pro or just starting to explore this dynamic field, this article will offer valuable guidance and inspiration.