A better segmented control

This insightful article from veteran product designer Runi Goswami explores how the Lyft design team improved their selection controls ecosystem through an embrace of growth mindset. Originally, their segmented control component saw little adoption due to platform inconsistencies and a lack of flexibility. 

By reevaluating assumptions and soliciting feedback, the team discovered 14 custom implementations had been made to address these issues. Goswami details how they redesigned the control for greater versatility while establishing clearer semantic distinctions from tabs. Documentation and deprecated processes helped reinforce the changes.

Through openness to reexamining problems rather than just enforcing standards, Lyft ended up with selection patterns better tailored to diverse needs. Goswami suggests that acknowledging discrepancies across systems, rather than seeking sole control, can lead to more robust and usable solutions. An engaging read on nurturing design evolution through understanding diverse perspectives.