A more holistic design workflow gluing Jira, Figma, and Zeplin together

Rafael outlines an effective design workflow that brings together task management, file organization, and handoffs to development. He advocates for structure and process to distinguish professional designers from novices. 

The article describes integrating Jira, Figma, and Zeplin to support collaboration with managers, other designers, and developers. Rafael explains how to use Jira and Scrumban for task planning and tracking. Figma supports organizing design files and assets related to tasks. Zeplin facilitates handing off final designs.

By linking these tools, Rafael believes designers can demonstrate their value while maintaining creative freedom. His proposed system provides transparency and accountability. Designers stay aligned with business priorities while avoiding overwork. Managers gain visibility into resources and deadlines. Developers receive well-documented, production-ready assets.

In total, Rafael makes a persuasive case that an organized, team-oriented workflow is key to high performance and job satisfaction for all roles. His real-world examples demonstrate how established tools can be combined to maximize efficiency and outcomes.