Accessibility for designer: where do I start?

The site serves as a comprehensive guide for designers seeking to learn about and implement accessibility in their work. Written by UX researcher and designer Stéphanie Walter, it provides a wealth of educational materials across various formats. 

The homepage outlines the site structure and updates the reader on the constantly evolving nature of accessibility. Sections are devoted to understanding user experiences, making the business case for prioritizing inclusion, and establishing baseline knowledge. Checklists, best practices, and technical standards aid in evaluation and improvement efforts.

Valuable video tutorials and talks illustrate real user perspectives to build empathy. Free and paid training options expand learning opportunities for all levels. Inspiring open-source components demonstrate standards-aligned solutions. Extensive book and article recommendations supplement on-site content.

Tools to enhance the design process range from evaluation plugins to style guides to code libraries. Testing guidance ensures user needs are met. Additional resources broaden consideration of related topics like inclusive design.