Accessibility for teams

This starter guide on delivering accessible websites was created by Peter van Grieken to help all members of a product team understand their role in ensuring digital accessibility. The introduction explains why accessibility is so important – it improves the user experience for those with disabilities or older technologies, and at some point we all experience temporary disabilities. Accessible design opens the doors to over 15% of the global population. 

The guide first defines what accessibility means and why companies should prioritize it both legally and to better serve a large market. It then lists some recommended books for learning more about specific accessibility topics from various experts in the field. 

The bulk of the page consists of checklists and in-depth guides tailored to different roles on a team, including product managers, content designers, UX designers, frontend developers and accessibility testers. Each provides practical steps those individuals can take to integrate accessibility into their work.

Overall, Peter van Grieken has created a useful resource for any team wanting to get up to speed on digital accessibility and how to implement inclusive design practices collaboratively. The multi-faceted approach ensures everyone is empowered to contribute to an improved user experience for all.