Accessibility guidelines for UX Designers by Avinash Kaur

This UX Collective article by Avinash Kaur provides valuable accessibility guidelines for designers to create inclusive products. The author emphasizes building empathy and viewing accessibility requirements as design constraints that can improve usability for all. 

Key guidelines covered include using meaningful links and color combinations, consistent navigation and components, descriptive headings, and multiple access points to content. Device-independent design principles of interactive elements are reviewed. Considerations for keyboard and touch interactions aim to support diverse abilities. 

Animation and layout best practices focus on readability, responsiveness, and alternative text. Media guidelines address providing sufficient time to consume moving or updating elements. An overall emphasis is placed on logical structure, clear writing, and flexible presentation of information.

The guidelines presented offer a comprehensive starting point for any designer to evaluate accessibility in their work. Following these recommendations can help ensure all people, regardless of situation or ability, can engage with a product through their preferred means. The article promotes an inclusive mindset that benefits users and businesses alike.