AI for UX: Getting Started

This insightful article on getting started with AI for UX work was written by Kate Moran and Jakob Nielsen, two experienced usability experts and leaders in the field. They provide a thoughtful overview of how AI can enhance the work of UX professionals through increased productivity, improved quality, and enhanced skills. However, they emphasize that AI should augment, not replace, human judgment and skills. The authors recommend experienced UX practitioners get started with tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, while cautioning novices to carefully vet AI outputs. A variety of specific UX tasks are described where AI can help, such as design ideation, research, and content creation. However, the limitations of current AI are also realistically portrayed. By following the practical guidance in this article, UX professionals of all experience levels can leverage AI’s benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls. Moran and Nielsen conclude by encouraging readers to start small and stay updated on emerging applications of this promising new technology.