Background Repeat – Tiled Image Component

This component allows you to tile an image as a background that repeats seamlessly. It was created by designer Doruk Kavcioglu. The tile effect means the image wraps around continuously, so it’s perfect for backgrounds.

You have options to customize the look too. You can choose whether it stretches, fits, or fills the available space. There’s also a setting to control how the image aligns, like centering it or positioning it to one side.

Best of all, it’s super easy to add to your site. The page provides code you can copy and paste directly into your HTML. Or you can embed it with just a short snippet. You get an interactive demo too, so you can preview exactly how it will appear before using it.

Whether you need a subtle texture or bold pattern, this tiled background is a nice way to add visual interest without much effort. Just plug in an image and customize the layout – then you have a repeat effect that makes your site feel more polished.