Base Neue is a versatile sans serif type family designed by Teguh Arief. It offers a total of 108 styles across 9 weights from Thin to Black, each available in 6 widths from Super Condensed to Super Expanded. This huge range of options makes Base Neue very adaptable for all sorts of media, from small-sized display headings to body text in large publications.

The typeface supports over 95 languages with full sets of letters, accents, and punctuation needed for proper typesetting. You also get access to alternate characters and nice ligatures to enhance readability. Base Neue is classified as a variable font, meaning you can smoothly interpolate between weights, widths, and italics using the power of this font format.

Base Neue is worth checking out if you need a highly flexible workhorse typeface for multilingual and multimedia use. Its wide range of styles in a single variable font package could satisfy many of your typographic needs. The design quality and technical features make it a great all-rounder for professional publishing.