Create your own Design system: Chapter Color tokens

This insightful article on implementing color tokens in a design system was written by Sangeeth Kumar for UX Planet. Kumar, an experienced UX designer, begins by outlining the benefits of using color tokens such as consistency, reusability, and ease of maintenance. He explains that color tokens allow designers to change a design system’s color palette globally by adjusting token values. 

Kumar then dives into best practices for setting up color tokens, emphasizing the importance of meaningful naming conventions and accessibility standards. He also stresses testing tokens across mockups before finalizing. The article provides a helpful example list of commonly used token types like primary, secondary, accent, and text colors. 

Figma’s support for variables is discussed next. Readers learn how to create and apply tokens within the tool to promote consistency. Overall, this well-researched article presents color tokens as an efficient method for managing colors across projects. Kumar’s seasoned voice will help other designers implement this strategy with confidence.