DALL·E 3: AI Image Generator For Product Designers

Written by Nick Babich, a highly experienced product designer and editor-in-chief of UX Planet, this article provides an overview of DALL-E 3, the latest AI image generator from OpenAI. Babich demonstrates how DALL-E 3 allows designers to quickly concept and visualize ideas through text prompts alone, generating photorealistic portraits, illustrations incorporating text, and more. 

While other tools require paid subscriptions, DALL-E 3 stands out for its free access via Bing Image Creator, offering daily credits for generation. Babich showcases how specific prompts yield images combining characters or adding designed text accurately. Integration with ChatGPT also enables refining generations through natural language.  

Downsides include occasional slow generation times and inability to customize outputs directly. However, Babich suggests DALL-E 3 remains a powerful free resource for designers to expand creativity in their concept and prototyping stages. An insightful summary of the new capabilities and advantages this AI tool provides to visual professionals.