Design and UX in WEB3

This article on the Ethereum Foundation website provides an overview of design and user experience considerations for web3 applications. Written by Nicolas Quiroz, it outlines best practices for conducting user research through methods like the double diamond design process. Notable areas of focus for research are also mentioned, such as cryptocurrency onboarding and staking. 

Design principles that take into account the unique aspects of blockchain technology are then presented. These include frameworks for crafting intuitive and secure user interfaces for decentralized applications. A variety of case studies examining wallets, marketplaces and other domains are referenced as well. 

Additionally, the article profiles bounty platforms and DAOs where designers can contribute to open source projects. Standardized design systems implemented by leading layer 1 protocols are highlighted as well. 

In sum, this experienced author presents web3 developers and UX practitioners with valuable guidance and resources drawn from years of practice to help them build compelling user experiences on emerging decentralized technologies.