Designing tables

A comprehensive visual guide to designing features and functionality for enterprise SaaS tables” written by user experience designer Andrew Coyle. Coyle provides an updated guide to designing data tables, with best practices and visual examples. 

The article examines key considerations for table design, such as fixed headers and columns, resizable columns, hover interactions, inline editing, pagination, expandable rows, searchable and sortable columns, and basic filtering. Coyle demonstrates how to create customizable, user-friendly tables that effectively display large datasets. He advocates designing these common yet important interface elements with care to support the modern, data-driven business world.

The page suggests Coyle intends to further explore interface component design for enterprise software as a service applications. He aims to develop a library of reusable UI building blocks, called Forms and Tables, to aid other practitioners. Overall, the experienced author presents valuable guidance for crafting tables and related features that optimize the user experience within complex information environments.