A Treasure Trove of Beautiful Open Source Icons

Feather is a collection of simply beautiful open-source icons. Browsing through the icons on their site, you’ll find hundreds of options across many common categories, such as arrows, buttons, files, navigation, and user interface.

The icons are designed to be lightweight, customizable symbols that can easily be added to any design or project. They come in SVG, PNG, and HTML+CSS formats, so you can include them on websites, apps, or other digital products.

What’s great is that all the icons are open-source under the MIT license. Users can freely use them for personal and commercial projects without licensing. The designers have also made the source files available on GitHub so others can contribute new icons or variations.

Overall, Feather is a fantastic resource for any designer, developer, or content creator looking for high-quality icons without the hassle or cost of stock icons. Browse their collection today and see how their minimal yet distinctive style can enhance your next project!