FigMayo – Publish your design system instantly, directly from Figma

igMayo is a service that allows users to take their Figma design library and turn it into a browsable documentation site. It structures the site based on the Figma library, and allows users to add notes, links, and descriptions to components from within Figma. Any updates to the Figma library can then be published to the documentation site with a single click. Some key points:

– FigMayo turns Figma libraries into documented websites with a single click. Documentation is pulled directly from notes in Figma.

– Users can consolidate multiple Figma libraries into a single site and use a custom domain.

– Component descriptions are published alongside components for easy reference. Links to Storybook and Code Sandbox are automatically embedded. – Any changes made in Figma are instantly reflected on the published site.

– Features like a component explorer, custom domains, white labeling for agencies, and access control are discussed.

– The page promotes the ease and speed of the FigMayo workflow compared to maintaining documentation separately from design files.

– An early access program and contact information is provided to give feedback and help shape the product.