Figtree – A new, friendly (free!) sans serif

A New Friendly Sans Serif Font – Figtree

An independent designer, Erik Kennedy, has released a new free sans-serif typeface called Figtree. Figtree walks the line between simplicity and friendliness with minimal yet curved forms that give it energy and charm.

While constructed geometrically, Figtree’s letterforms have a casual feel through details like its playful question mark and exclamation point. The uppercase letters are slightly widened for sturdiness. Numerals also strike a balance, with a bent “1” and hefty yet not awkward “5”.

Figtree maintains clean lines through details like diacritics neatly aligning with cap height. Punctuation is mostly minimal except for top-heavy question marks. The font is ready for buttons, labels, and other interface uses needing an easy-going yet solid look.

The font is free for download on Google Fonts, and its source code is on GitHub. Figtree is poised to be a popular choice for designers seeking an approachable sans serif.