Five Steps To Design Your Product With Powerful Storytelling

Award-winning designer Chiara Aliotta takes us on a captivating journey, revealing the transformative power of storytelling in digital product design. As the founder of the creative agency Until Sunday, Chiara’s obsession with color, typography, and attention to detail shines through in her masterful approach to crafting user-centric experiences.

Chiara begins by highlighting the timeless wisdom of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher who first identified the three core elements of a compelling story: a beginning, a middle, and an end. She astutely draws parallels between Aristotle’s timeless principles and the modern-day practice of designing user experiences, underscoring the importance of understanding the protagonist (the user) and the purpose of the product.

Throughout the piece, Chiara’s warm and engaging writing style invites the reader to immerse themselves in storytelling, making this article a must-read for designers, marketers, and anyone seeking to create truly captivating user experiences.