Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world

Fonts In Use is a fantastic resource for designers and type enthusiasts to discover examples of real-world typography and typeface usage. It collects over 26,000 entries from a global community as an independent archive.

It is organized into three main sections – a collection of projects, a blog covering typographic topics, and an index of over 500 typefaces. Browsing the collection allows you to filter projects by subject, format, date, and more. You can easily spend hours exploring beautiful and inspiring design work from diverse industries.

The blog provides a wealth of knowledge, with in-depth articles on history, technique, and trends. It’s a great place to learn about the stories behind fonts. The typeface index acts as a visual catalog, letting you see sample texts for each one.

With such a vast database lovingly curated by volunteers, Fonts In Use truly is a design researcher’s dream. It gives fascinating insights into how type is applied across different cultures and eras. Whether you’re a student or professional, it’s a treasure trove for sourcing ideas and references.