Framepad: Framer Component Library, Templates & Frameworks

Framepad is a toolkit designed to help designers and developers create beautiful websites using Framer, a popular visual development tool. It includes over 450 reusable components like buttons, forms, navigation menus and more that can be mixed and matched to build complete layouts.

All of the elements are fully customizable and responsive, adapting to different device sizes automatically. A flexible styling system allows global changes to colors and fonts to be applied sitewide. Prebuilt page templates are in the works to help users assemble pages even faster.

Saving time is a huge benefit of Framepad. Designers no longer need to rebuild basic elements for each new project. Everything needed is included so they can focus on the creative work. Updates and new items are added regularly for ongoing value.

In summary, Framepad is a powerful toolkit that aims to accelerate the website development process in Framer. Reusable, customizable components combined with global styles and layouts help users create beautiful, polished designs much more efficiently.