FramerAuth — Create Member-Only Content in Framer

Create Member-Only Content In Framer

FramerAuth offers an easy way for Framer creators to build membership sites and protect exclusive content. With no coding needed, you can copy and paste pre-made Framer components to add sign up, login, and license key validation features. Control access to your pages by choosing which ones require membership.

Leverage Lemon Squeezy to provide license keys to subscribers. This allows automated access without transaction fees. Offer flexible plans like free trials, discounts and recurring subscriptions. Users can manage their subscriptions directly through Lemon Squeezy.

Templates are provided to help you setup courses, products, publications and more. Customize the design to match your brand. FramerAuth integrates seamlessly so you can focus on your content instead of technical challenges.

Their tutorials make the process simple to understand. Affordable pricing and money-back guarantee reduce risk. An active community of creators is available to support you. Overall, FramerAuth provides an all-in-one solution to monetize your Framer site and engage members.