Free Framer Components

Are you looking to add some awesome effects and interactions to your Framer projects? This site has you covered with a collection of free, ready-to-use components. Whether you need a scrolling progress bar, draggable elements, or colorful perlin distortions, these building blocks make it easy to enhance your designs.

Some highlights include tools for image effects like magnification and filters. Interactivity is also covered with options like tooltips, infinite scrolling, and cursor followers. You’ll also find ways to incorporate data through widgets for weather, charts, and countdown timers.

The components are simple to grab – just click “copy” next to the ones you want. And the creators make it simple to stay in the loop, inviting folks to join their Discord server for support, feedback, and new ideas. So don’t wait, check it out today to supercharge your Framer workflows without any fuss. Happy coding!