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Freelancer Stash curates a weekly newsletter highlighting the best tools, resources, books, and communities for freelancers. It features over 100 products organized into different categories to help freelancers with tasks like productivity, project management, design, writing, time tracking, email marketing, and more.

Some of the most popular picks include TMetric for project management, The UI Sketchpad for design efficiency, Textok for writing guides, Toggl Track for time tracking, and Notion Freelancer Hub for workflow optimization. More expensive options, such as Modular DS for WordPress management and Devart for database management, are also featured.

The Freelancer Stash aims to be the go-to destination for freelancers to discover new products and services to help them work more efficiently and grow their businesses. It cuts through the noise by focusing on only the most useful options for each job function and vetting them thoroughly.