Geist Font — Vercel

Introducing Geist, a Font for Developers and Designers

Vercel, the company behind the popular Next.js framework, has released Geist, a new open-source typeface designed specifically for developers and designers.

Geist started as a monospace font focused on readability in coding environments. The designers at Vercel found existing monospace fonts lacking, so they set out to create their own. After perfecting the monospace variant, they expanded Geist into a sans-serif style to increase versatility.

Inspired by Swiss design aesthetics of simplicity, minimalism, and precision, Geist aims to enhance the visual experience of both developers and designers. With clarity and functionality at its core, Geist empowers the communication of ideas.

The Geist font comes in two styles – Geist Sans for standard text and Geist Mono for code. It supports many languages and includes stylistic sets for advanced typography. Developers can install it via NPM and use it in Next.js projects that are out of the box. Designers can download the font files directly from Vercel’s website.

With over 650 glyphs and attention to detail that matter for reading code and text, Geist looks to become a popular choice for those who build the web. It is a tool by developers that allows developers and designers to work better.