Gobble Bot – All your content digested into one text file

Gobble Bot is a handy tool for scraping different types of content into one text file. Whether you have a website, YouTube videos, or files in various formats – this web app can convert it all into a single document.

Why would you need such a thing? If you want to create a custom AI chatbot using GPT models but your source material is spread across multiple locations, Gobble Bot makes it simple to gather it into one place. The current limit for training chatbots is 20 files, so this is useful for compiling larger amounts of content.

Some key things Gobble Bot can scrape include YouTube videos with transcripts, publicly available websites, and common file types like PDFs, Word docs, presentations, and more. Enter a URL, select files to upload, or connect an account and let it go to work digesting everything into a single text file output.

The creator designed Gobble Bot as a quick weekend project, so some capabilities are still limited. Large PDFs and more complex sites may not fully convert. However, it’s offered completely free, which is generous considering it could save users a lot of manual effort in consolidating content on their own. No data is uploaded or stored on servers, so your privacy is protected during the scraping process.