How to generate color palettes for design systems

As design systems have grown to keep up with ever-expanding software needs, the demands on color palettes have grown exponentially, too. Gone are the days of simply picking a handful of colors to match a brand’s ethos. Today’s design systems require accessibility, adaptability, and consistency across dozens of devices, themes, and contexts.

The author, a designer at Stripe, shares his journey to solve these challenges and create a flexible, scalable, and inclusive color system. He starts by examining the limitations of existing color palette generation tools, which often lack the ability to integrate tightly with an existing design system or adapt to unique constraints.

Ultimately, this essay showcases the author’s deep understanding of color theory and ability to translate complex scientific concepts into a practical, user-friendly system. For design teams struggling to keep up with the evolving demands of modern software, his approach offers a powerful solution that prioritizes aesthetics and accessibility.