HTML The Bad Parts – HTMHell

A Comprehensive Look at the Shortcomings of the Web’s Markup Language

Mayank delves into the various instances where HTML falls short, addressing both accessibility and usability issues.

Mayank starts by acknowledging the common misconception that “HTML is already accessible by default,” emphasizing the importance for web developers to recognize the gaps in the platform. The article then proceeds to highlight several problematic HTML elements and attributes, each with its own set of challenges and potential solutions.

Throughout the article, Mayank maintains a direct and honest tone, acknowledging that while HTML is a powerful markup language, it is not without its flaws. The author’s expertise shines through as they provide detailed insights, practical solutions, and references to further reading, empowering web developers to recognize and address these issues in their own projects.

In conclusion, “HTML: The Bad Parts” is a must-read for any web developer who aspires to create truly accessible and user-friendly experiences. By understanding the limitations of the platform and embracing alternative approaches, we can collectively work towards a more inclusive and robust web ecosystem.