I went through 1000+ resumes of Product Designers & found this

This article contains advice from a product designer named Shai on how to create an effective resume for landing jobs in product design. Some of the key tips discussed include:

– Removing unnecessary “About” sections that don’t highlight relevant skills and experience. 

– Writing strong job descriptions that emphasize impact and results through specific examples and metrics.

– Demonstrating your design process and approach through a case study format. 

– Highlighting collaboration skills and experience working with cross-functional teams.

– Customizing your resume for each specific job by researching the company and role.

– Injecting personality and passion through storytelling and personal interests. 

– Keeping your resume up-to-date with new accomplishments.

– Optimizing your resume for applicant tracking systems through relevant keywords and standard formatting.

The article also provides a link to a resume template the author developed that has helped others secure top jobs in product design. Overall, it offers concrete advice on standing out from other candidates and crafting an effective resume for the product design field.