IA for Everybody

The webpage introduces information architecture (IA) as a practice for arranging information in a way that helps people make sense of it. IA is described as “the way we arrange the pieces to make sense as a whole.” 

The page promotes a free 30-minute introductory course on IA taught by experienced information architect Abby Covert. The course aims to give students a broad overview of what IA is, how it is used, who benefits from it, and how to get better at practicing it. 

Abby Covert is presented as the guide for the course, with over 20 years of experience in IA. She has written two books on the topic and teaches IA worldwide. 

Some common questions about IA that will be covered in the course include defining what an IA is, the primary tools and methods, ways to incorporate IA skills into one’s work, how to measure the value of IA, and how IA relates to other domains like content strategy, UX design and taxonomy.

In summary, the page introduces information architecture as a practice for bringing order and meaning to information, and pitches a free introductory course on IA basics taught by an expert in the field. The goal is to educate people about IA and its value in a broad range of work.