Lightster is an online platform that allows companies to connect with potential customers and users to get feedback on products and ideas. Some key points:

  • Companies can create profiles describing their target audience and ask screening questions to find matches from over 10,000 users on Lightster.
  • They can then view user profiles, contact matches directly, and schedule live video sessions to observe users testing prototypes or get feedback.
  • Lightster is used for tasks like user testing, idea validation, beta testing, and gathering early customer feedback.
  • Many well-known companies are highlighted as customers, praising how Lightster helps improve their products and save costs compared to traditional user research methods.
  • Lightster users come from a variety of backgrounds and can earn rewards for their participation. The platform also shares articles on best practices for customer-focused product development.
  • Both web and mobile apps allow access to the platform for both companies and individual users to connect. Pricing is based on usage with plans for different research needs.