List of UX metrics

The article by Alex A. Szczurek provides a comprehensive overview of various metrics that can be used to measure the user experience. Szczurek categorizes UX metrics into behavioral, attitudinal, descriptive, diagnostic, and engagement metrics. Under each category, key metrics are defined along with their formulas and examples of how they are calculated and applied. Behavioral metrics such as click-through rate and time on task give insights into user actions. Attitudinal metrics like Net Promoter Score and System Usability Scale reveal user perceptions. Descriptive metrics encompass demographic data and device usage. Diagnostic metrics help pinpoint specific issues through heatmaps and error tracking. Engagement metrics like session duration show how invested users are. This detailed reference guide offers a wealth of actionable metrics that can be leveraged to continuously improve products and better serve users based on data. Product managers and UX practitioners will find this overview immensely useful in selecting the right metrics for their needs and enhancing the overall user experience.