Lucide is an open source icon library with a friendly community behind it. The icons have a clean and consistent design made by volunteers. You can find over 1,400 high-quality vector icons on their website to use for your projects.

Some key aspects that make Lucide great are that the icons are customizable in color, size, and stroke width, so you can perfectly match your brand. They also work across many platforms, such as web, mobile, and desktop apps. Lucide is also available on all major package managers.

The people behind Lucide have made it their goal to create beautiful, readable icons. They have strict design guidelines to ensure consistency. And because the icons use SVG format, they remain crisp and scale well.

If you want to get involved, Lucide has an active community on GitHub and Discord where you can provide feedback or contribute new icons. Developers like Eric Fennis and Karsa Rigo oversee the project. It’s great to see an icon library supported by volunteers.