Making A Strong Case For Accessibility

This article strongly argues that accessibility should be a priority in web development. It discusses how many people with disabilities face daily barriers when websites and apps are not accessible. Accessible design is about creating digital products that everyone can use, regardless of ability.

The article provides practical examples of accessibility issues, such as color contrast, navigation with assistive technologies, and alternative text for images. It emphasizes that accessibility should be considered from the start of a project rather than as an afterthought.

Some tips for gaining support for accessibility initiatives include emphasizing cost savings and legal risks to get buy-in from executives. Companies should appoint accessibility advocates and assess their current practices. Guidelines and training can help educate teams.

Demonstrating accessibility issues for executives through user testing with people with disabilities can be impactful. Hiring people with disabilities can also help an organization improve. Regular automated and user testing ensures accessibility over the long term as products evolve.