morflax studio

Create high-quality 3D illustrations, device mockups, animations and other 3D content in a quick and engaging way. All in your browser.

Morflax studio, which it describes as a 3D design and technology platform for creating high-quality branding and marketing assets directly in the browser. The key aspects of the studio covered on the page are:

– Customize – customize and animate 3D elements like devices, branding, clothing and icons. 

– Shift – convert SVG vector graphics or text into 3D objects.

– Mix – combine 3D elements and build 3D scenes. 

– Templates – explore pre-made template collections for different styles and purposes.

– Features – explore the full functionality of the Morflax studio toolset. 

– Pricing – options to upgrade to a paid plan or commercial license.

So in summary, this page introduces Morflax studio as an all-in-browser tool for 3D design and animation using customizable elements, vector-to-3D conversion, scene building and templates.