Notion template for “The Guide to Design”

A Notion Template for Tracking Your UX Design Learning Journey

Christine Lee created a Notion template to help learners track their progress through the online course “The Guide to Design.” This self-guided class from UX Collective aims to help people get started in UX design and answer key questions.

The template provides a structured way to engage with the course lessons and materials. It includes pages for tracking your progress, highlighting favorite parts, practicing exercises, and planning the next steps. Visual progress bars allow you to see your status at a glance.

Each chapter blocks out the lessons, readings, videos, and reflection questions. Links make the online content easily accessible right in Notion. Students can make notes while consuming the materials.

By following the template, learners can learn UX design step-by-step through “The Guide to Design.” They gain motivation from tracking progress. The structured approach supports effectively digesting information and putting it into practice.