PampaType Font Foundry Reforma

A New Typeface for a Historic University

PampaType Font Foundry recently designed a bespoke typeface called Reforma for the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina. At over 400 years old, it is one of the country’s earliest and most historic universities.

The typeface was commissioned as part of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the University Reform, which occurred on the university’s campus in 1918. This reform established open, free, and inclusive education policies that still guide the university today.

To honor this important event and the university’s progressive values, PampaType created Reforma – a unique and distinctive typeface. They designed it with careful consideration for the university’s history and spirit of education access.

Best of all, Reforma has been released under a Creative Commons license, making it freely available for personal and commercial use. PampaType hopes this liberating choice will continue the university’s tradition of openness.

To learn more design details and the whole story behind Reforma, check out PampaType’s article on the project. They provide an in-depth look at the creative process and concept behind this one-of-a-kind typeface.