Product Design Notion Templates

DesignerUp offers a great collection of premium Notion templates for product designers and UX professionals. Whether you need a portfolio template, design system starter, job tracker, or project management templates – they’ve got you covered.

Some of their most popular templates include a Notion Product Design Portfolio template to showcase your work, a Design System template for creating lightweight style guides, and a UX Job Tracker to help with your job search. They also have templates for managing user research and product development.

In addition to templates, DesignerUp provides some helpful checklists like a UI Design Checklist, Sustainable Design Checklist, and general UX Design Checklist to help guide your process.

You can browse all their free resources like video lessons, podcasts, and discounts on design tools. They even have a product design course if you want to learn UX and UI design.

It’s a great one-stop shop for designers run by folks passionate about mindful and sustainable practices. Definitely check them out if you use Notion regularly.