Product Disrupt

A curated resource hub for learning product design and creating digital products. It covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Blogs: Popular design blogs like Figma Blog, UX Collective, and Prototypr.
  • Podcasts: Shows like Creative Class, High Resolution, and Indie Hackers that offer design and business advice.
  • Newsletters: Highly-curated email newsletters like Dense Discovery, The Sunday Dispatches, and Sidebar.
  • YouTube Channels: Channels like The Futur,, and Dann Petty that provide design education and inspiration.
  • Designers, Makers, Entrepreneurs, and Studios/Agencies: Profiles of influential figures and companies in the design and tech industries.
  • Portfolios: Examples of exceptional online portfolios showcasing designers’ work.
  • Communities: Online communities like Designers Guild, Product Hunt, and Indie Hackers that support designers and makers.
  • Books: Recommended design and entrepreneurship books.
  • UI Kits: Curated collections of UI components and templates.
  • Inspiration: Websites and resources for finding design inspiration.
  • Side Projects: Innovative side projects created by designers and makers.
  • Chrome Extensions: Productivity-boosting browser extensions.
  • Conversations: Interviews with inspiring designers, illustrators, and other creatives.

Overall, this website serves as a comprehensive resource hub for designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the world of digital product creation.