Refactoring Token Names

This article discusses the process of refactoring design tokens for a design system. Some key points:

– The authors analyzed their existing token names and found inconsistencies like duplicate color values with different names. They categorized tokens to understand patterns. 

– They established a standardized naming convention based on research, using categories like type, group, property, variant and state. Names progressed from universal to unique. 

– An implementation plan was created through workshops to smoothly update components. A centralized repository called “Token Depot” was made for collaborative updates.

– Testing ensured consistency across contexts like themes, languages and accessibility. Figma specs and code were updated to use the new tokens.

– Benefits included enhanced collaboration, time savings, consistency, scalability and easier maintenance through a single source of truth for token values.

In summary, it outlines the steps taken by a team to analyze, standardize and implement a refactored design token naming system for improved maintenance of their design system across platforms. The process brought design and development closer through a unified naming structure.