Sargam Icons aims to provide designers with a wide range of high-quality symbols to suit any project. With simplicity, consistency, and flexibility in mind, each icon is crafted on a 24×24 pixel grid for easy integration into digital interfaces. Built using scalable SVG format, the icons can be easily styled and optimized for performance.

In addition to downloading the full icon pack, users can install the icons for Figma or get individual React components. The open-source icons are available under the MIT license and are actively maintained by designer Abhi Mehta.

With over 280 icons across categories like user interface, branding, and text editing, designers are sure to find the perfect symbol for apps, websites, or any other creative works.

This extensive icon collection is a great resource for any digital artist looking to enhance their work without spending hours designing basic symbols from scratch. Continuous updates keep the library fresh and relevant as design trends evolve.