Space Grotesk Florian Karsten Typefaces

Space Grotesk – An Open Source Sans Serif Typeface for All

Florian Karsten Typefaces is showcasing its open-source typeface Space Grotesk on its website. Space Grotesk was originally designed in 2018 as a variable-width version of Colophon Foundry’s monospaced typeface Space Mono. It has since been optimized for improved readability at smaller text sizes.

Space Grotesk supports Latin, Vietnamese, Pinyin, and many European languages. It features various OpenType layout features, such as old-style figures, fractions, and stylistic alternates. You can view the full specifications in the Space Grotesk specimen PDF linked on the page.

The typeface was designed by Květoslav Bartoš and was published by Florian Karsten Typefaces under the SIL Open Font License. This makes it free to use, modify, and share personally and commercially. It comes in OFT, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.

In addition to providing Space Grotesk for free, the Florian Karsten Typefaces website allows you to purchase commercial typefaces through a catalog and free trials. They design and sell high-quality retail and custom typefaces exclusively through their site.

In summary, Space Grotesk is an open-source sans serif typeface that supports many languages and includes advanced typographic features. Thanks to its open-source license, it can be used freely in both personal and commercial work.