SVG Company Logos –

A Free Collection of SVG Company Logos

Have you ever needed a high-quality logo for a software company but didn’t want to recreate it from scratch? BrandBird has you covered with its extensive free collection of SVG company logos.

It features over 200 logos for popular SaaS, productivity, design, and other tools. Logos include well-known brands like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Dropbox, Spotify, and more. All logos are in scalable SVG format, so they can be used for both print and digital.

Users can easily copy any logo to their clipboard or download the SVG file. This simplifies importing the logos into design programs, websites, apps, and other projects. The logos are also categorized by type of company for easy browsing.

Overall, this is a really handy reference for anyone looking for high-quality, editable logos from major software and web companies. With over 200 options included, it covers the most common brands designers and developers typically need to be represented. Since everything is free and open source, it’s a great low-effort way to add professional logos without recreating them from scratch.