The 9 Principles of Better Stories

This article by Jeremy Connell-Waite outlines nine principles for crafting better stories. Connell-Waite is an experienced storyteller and consultant who helps businesses and individuals communicate more effectively. 

The principles cover topics like ensuring stories have a clear transformation or journey, capturing imagination with intriguing openings, focusing on emotional truth over mere facts, including measurable outcomes, appealing to emotion over just information, using vivid verbs and concise sentences for impact, incorporating surprise, keeping things understandable, and ultimately inspiring action. 

Throughout the article examples and case studies are provided to illustrate each principle. Readers are invited to learn more about each one on the site. In total, the nine principles provide a useful framework for analyzing stories and developing ones that engage audiences and achieve objectives. I hope this high-level summary is helpful! Let me know if any part needs more explanation.