The Complete Guide to User Interviews

Anna Savranska provides a comprehensive guide to conducting effective user interviews. She outlines the key steps in the process, from defining research objectives to analyzing findings. Savranska stresses the importance of understanding user needs to develop products people want. 

The guide recommends starting with hypotheses about what you want to learn. Generative and continuous interviews are described as methods to uncover user pain points and validate assumptions. Tips are given for writing an aligned research plan, recruiting appropriate participants, and facilitating insightful discussions. 

Savranska emphasizes creating a comfortable atmosphere and using open-ended questions to elicit meaningful feedback. She advocates digging deeper with follow-ups and allowing silence for reflection. Once interviews conclude, the guide describes analyzing qualitative data by grouping themes and confirming or disproving hypotheses. 

Sharing concise insights with stakeholders is presented as crucial for incorporating user needs into product work. Throughout, Savranska’s practical tips and examples demonstrate how to conduct interviews that provide real value for both users and businesses. Her comprehensive approach aims to optimize the user research process from start to finish.