TheyDo is a platform for collaboratively mapping, structuring, and managing customer journeys. TheyDo provides a centralized platform for comprehensively mapping a company’s customer journeys, analyzing them to surface critical opportunities, and facilitating cross-team collaboration – to help organizations become genuinely customer-centric and prioritize efforts for maximum impact.

TheyDo allow all of a company’s journeys to be mapped in one centralized place. It uses artificial intelligence to turn customer research into detailed journey maps quickly. All journeys can be viewed and structured together using a common framework and taxonomy. This helps ensure everyone is aligned on how journeys are defined and organized.

The platform also has features for uncovering the top opportunities to improve journeys and the customer experience. Users can set business goals, and the tool will analyze journeys to show where focusing efforts deliver the highest return on investment and impact metrics like NPS and CSAT. This helps prioritize initiatives.