Things I wish UX candidates would ask me during interviews

This article discusses things that product design candidates should ask during job interviews, according to the author Nati Asher. Asher has 10 years of experience in product design and technology. 

The article first lists some common questions candidates ask about things like compensation, team structure, and work environment. However, Asher believes these questions are not as impactful and can make candidates seem “just another one.” 

Instead, Asher recommends asking more thought-provoking questions that show initiative and problem-solving skills. Some examples given are asking about the biggest challenges the team faces, problems the interviewer would solve with “magic,” traits needed to succeed, and the company’s goals in 5 years. 

The best question, according to Asher, is asking the interviewer if they have any doubts about the candidate’s fit. This gives the candidate a chance to address concerns directly. Overall, the article encourages candidates to interview their interviewers thoroughly and see if the opportunity is a good long-term fit for their skills and goals.