Type Design Resources

This comprehensive guide to type design, created by Justin Penner, is an invaluable starting point for anyone interested in entering the field. The page acts as a one-stop shop for learning resources, listing beginner tutorials from leaders in the industry alongside full college programs. 

 Aspiring students can learn the basics of font editing software like FontForge through free online courses. For the more advanced designer, the page details workshops from prestigious organizations worldwide. It also provides recommendations for design books covering topics from constructing individual letters to the principles of legibility. 

Beyond educational materials, the page profiles active online communities and annual conferences that can help type designers connect and receive feedback to improve their craft. Regular events and meetups are listed to facilitate ongoing learning and collaboration. 

The guide even covers less explored areas like designing for diverse scripts globally. Comprehensive overviews of languages like Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew ensure no region is left behind. 

After 25 years in the industry, I can confidently say this page has thought of everything needed to start or progress one’s type design journey. It will no doubt become a well-worn resource for newcomers and veterans alike to further their skills in this intricate but rewarding field.